Hi there, I am a writer, creative, podcaster, and skier.

I’ve always loved telling and capturing stories, even when I was a little kid. When told to write a story and I would be scribbling down some dream camping adventure, about living happily ever after sleeping under the stars. If I wasn’t writing I was drawing or outside covered in dirt with my horses.

Formally, I studied a Double Degree at Curtin University, class of 2018. Graduating with a Ba Arts (Journalism), Ba Commerce (Marketing). Studying at University allowed me to gather the skills needed to put me on the path I dreamed of. Becoming a writer, a storyteller.

Born and raised in Perth, Western Australia with a love instilled for the outdoors and mountains from a young age. I was injected with a crazy, to go to the ends of the earth to ski or just chase what I want. Let’s be real, Perth is about as far away as you can get from snow life. Growing up skiing turned into a stint as an alpine ski racer after high school, which was an exciting time of development but I had other fish to fry.

In 2015 I started my studies and was loving university, but the mountains were still calling. In the Australian 2015 winter, I was hired as a ski instructor. It opened up a new chapter of adventure, more mountain time, and travel. 

The mountains are where I feel most at home but I believe everyone needs a mixture of culture. I have eclectic taste, in my time away from the mountains you can find me wandering art galleries, finding the perfect latte, brunching with friends, pretending I know something about wine, picking up random hobbies, tapping away at my laptop, chasing golden-hour with my camera or curled up with a good book.

In 2019, I started a podcast called The Mountain Cosmos, it is about life in the mountains. You can read about it or listen under the podcast tab. 

These days, I reside somewhere between Mt Hotham in Victoria, Jackson Hole in the States, and Perth. Or, between creating and living life.

Rouchelle x

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