Looking out to Mt Feathertop. Photo: Rouchelle Gilmore.

The Mountain Cosmos is a podcast I host and produce myself. It is a passion project were I publish interesting conversations with people who have something to do with mountain life. With so many different facets when it comes to life in mountains the goal is to showcase all of the different sides and views.

I have interviewed a large range of people so far ranging from Olympians, ski patrollers, ski instructors, ex-ski-instructors, mountain guides, and skiing legends. They all give different perspectives on their relationships with the mountains. Many of my shows are timeless or capture the moment in the time of when the interviews were conducted.

You can read more about why I started this project in a post I wrote called, ‘Why The Mountain Cosmos.’

The Mountain Cosmos is available in all the normal pod-catchers and online.

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Peter Zirknitzer – Hotham Legend, Ski History From Australia & The World The Edge

In this episode, we chat with Peter Zirknitzer who is a Hotham legend. We talk about a lot of things from how he ended up in Australia as a ski instructor in the 1960s, how Zirky's started (which is a hotel and bar so many of Hotham skiers love to go to), stories of his travels, and ski racing, to what skiing and growing up was like in Austria. As well as many other great stories. This episode was recorded and produced by Rouchelle Gilmore. Proudly supported Sherbrooke Design And Construction.
  1. Peter Zirknitzer – Hotham Legend, Ski History From Australia & The World
  2. Sami Kennedy-Sim – 2-Time-Winter Olympian In Ski-Cross & A Lifelong Skier
  3. Snow Australia Alpine Director Shawn Fleming – Creating Strong Skiers & Athlete Pathways
  4. Greta Small – Two-Time Winter Olympian – Staying Motivated & Adapting
  5. Backcountry Women Of Australia – Leonie Wohl