Face Masks And Social Media

We are living in a time where people feel the need to share everything on social media.

As a woman who looks after her skin, I have noticed a trend that needs to be addressed. Face masks… They are not a new beauty ritual, but sharing them on social media is. Previously, over the last couple of years I have not given this much thought. When these photos came up I would usually scroll past quickly, in horror… jumping as if the person in the photo had said BOO! I get it, it is a funny ritual and many people use them to look after themselves, #selfcare.

But why do people think their social media following want to see them with what resembles chocolate cake batter splattered over their face or like they face-planted into the guacamole at dinner with the girls?

If I have to see another person posing with a face mask on I may run up a wall.

Usually, I am the first one in my friend group to really love and appreciate it when my friends upload what they are doing to social media. I can get around an aesthetic photo of a morning smoothie or a photo of a yoga mat unrolled on the floor. Followed by a boomeranged sweaty walking video with a caption about what a good workout they just had. That’s great, my online community looking after themselves. I might even get some inspiration. But who actually cares if you have smeared some slime looking substance on your face?

As someone who is pretty private, I cannot think of anything worse than slapping on a facemask in the company of friends or family, let alone putting it on social media. Face masks are for quiet time. It is also a time to be still so whatever this magic mask is supposed to do, can do it.

Think before you post…

If you are going to upload a photo with substances on your face please let us all know what the product is, what the brand stands for, is it ethical, vegan, not tested on animals, what is it suppose to do, and is it environmentally friendly? Because these things are important, not all face masks are made the same. Then some before and after photos to see if it did make a difference.

If you are going to behave like an Instagram influencer you might as well make a show of it.

Instead of just one photo or video dancing around by yourself, or with others, #sistertime #girlsnight. Please give a full product review so I know if it was worth you making an idiot out of yourself. So I can order it from MECCA as well, if it works. Or, was it just to make your Facebook friends you haven’t seen since high school jump?

I dedicate this post to two of my best girlfriends, you know who you are.

All images and artwork by Rouchelle Gilmore.

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